Chilling Video Shows How Your Children View You When You’re Drinking

For some children monsters can be real.


A Struggling Employee Was Overcome With Emotion When A Customer Did This

Daniel Fernandez decided to an amazing thing for a cashier at his local convenience store. The woman works extremely hard doing double…


Woman Meets A Man Online then Gets Stuck in Chimney Trying To Break Into His House

A southern California woman is now facing charges after she had to be rescued from inside the chimney of a house occupied…


When This Old Lady Played Piano At A Bus Stop Nobody Could Believe What They Were Hearing

When this old lady decided to start playing piano on the street the entire place was transformed into a beautiful recital. Natalie…


Are We Raising A Generation Of Helpless Kids?

Warning signs When a college freshman received a C- on her first test, she literally had a meltdown in class. Sobbing, she…


This Grandma’s Dying Wish Was Fulfilled..It’s so beautiful to see

Before checking into hospice this ladies grandma wanted to see the ocean one last time. They made a trip to laguna beech,…


It Was Just An Ordinary Trip To The Pumpkin Patch…then this happened

“My husband had been in Afghanistan for 10 months, and our daughter had no clue he came home while she was in…


Watch..Nurse Infected With Ebola Has Emotional Conversation With Her Doctor

Dallas nurse and Ebola patient, Nina Pham, who was infected after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United…


Video Shows Woman In Labor Forced Out Of Her Car At Gunpoint For Speeding

A pregnant woman had a difficult labor this week when she was held at gunpoint on her way to the hospital. Rachel…


WOW..Watch The Moment A Bag Snatcher Got Some Rough Justice

A bag-snatcher got some rough justice when a bus driver trapped him in the door and then took matters into his own…


Shocking Video Captures Moment Teenage Girl Is Kidnapped

Video footage of an abducted girl dragged screaming and crying into a forced wedding has shocked people around the world. How can…


A Woman Heard A Strange Noise Coming From The Bath..then she found this

When a woman heard a strange sound coming from the bathroom, she decided to grab her phone and film what was going…


Outrage as Video captures the most extreme case of head lice ever seen

This stomach-churning video captures what could be the most extreme case of head lice ever seen, as hundreds of nasty creepy crawlies…


Pregnancy Is Not An Invitation To Comment On My Body

Last week, I cried almost every day because of comments made about my pregnant belly. Because I’m petite (5’0″) and this is…

don't look away

The Reason Why This Little Girl Crossed The Street Broke My Heart

This is so difficult to watch but please do not look away. This is really happening. Original


Man spreads happiness..Starts Dance Party On a Train in Perth..

There are unspoken rules about traveling on public transportation. You’re supposed to sit in your seat quietly, and never make eye-contact. Peter…


She was Bullied On Facebook, Urged To Die..Her Response is Epic

Caitlin Prater-Haacke is a high school student in Alberta, Canada, who was recently the victim of a bullying incident. Someone cruelly wrote…


How To Cut An Onion Without life is forever changed

This Woman just made my life a whole lot easier. Cutting an onion without those pesky tears will be amazing. Do you…


This Teacher got the SURPRISE of her life during a fire drill..

During a fire drill this teacher never expected this to happen..surprise!  


She Was Just Replying To A Text..What Happens Will Change This Mums Life Forever

You only need to make a mistake once to have a lifetime of a regret. It can wait!