Grandma to Give Birth to Her Grandchild

Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild!

Faced with cervical cancer at a young age, Emily Jordan underwent a radical hysterectomy in 2010. She thought she and her husband…

All-New Help Desk with DeVon Franklin - Oprah Winfrey Network

This Guy Will Make You Face A Harsh Reality About Your Marriage That You Need To Hear..

As Women we are always busy and our schedules are always packed. It can however be very unhealthy being so busy with…

sheryl underwood

This Is So True!! Never Speak About Anyone In A Way You Wouldn’t To their Face

More people should take Sheryl’s example. She’s now happy, successful and admired, because she refused to let their words break her, and…


Woman Gives Birth In Front Seat Of Car..Unreal Footage

Your wife is in labor, you’re driving as fast as you can, you’re nervous and excited and OH MY GOD THE BABY…


Oh No This Girl Ruined Her Proposal In The Worst Way..Cringe!!!

This proposal ended in a massive fail….it’s so hard to watch!!


Tears…A baby’s first birthday is also a mom’s first birthday..Mum You have to see this!

A baby’s first birthday is also a mom’s first birthday. This movie is dedicated to all moms who have faced the most…


The Powerful Video Every Woman Should Share….

These aren’t numbers, these are Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Friends….


Pregnant Woman Gives Birth After Fighting Off Mugger

A woman fought off a man trying to steal her purse and then gave birth just a few hours later. On Thursday,…


Find Out How The ‘Apparently’ Kid Ended Up In Prison For 10 Days…Too Funny

Ellen met Noah Ritter after a video of him went viral. Nobody could have predicted what she was in for.


She Chose To Reveal Shocking Her Past For The Best Reason Possible

”I was scared if I tried to leave something worse could happen to me,’ Vieira said. Chat show host Meredith Vieira has…


It’s Here The Video Every Woman Wants To See..Men Getting A Bikini Wax

Somehow these guys agreed to get bikini waxes, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. So much pain. Ht:Buzzfeed…


This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen..It’s also the most heartbreaking because of what happened just 72 hours later.

This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s also one of the most heartbreaking pictures I’ve ever seen,…


This Woman Is So Badass..I can’t Believe She Did This!

“Typically, I’m someone who will be kind to everyone (even the jerks; bonus: it may annoy them). However, I can get on…


The Message These Kids Are Spreading Is Epic

These kids are incredibly talented, what’s more incredible is the message they are spreading.  


Watch 2 Year Old Get So Mad Because Her Mum Can’t Stop Laughing..”I’ll Bust You”

This is just priceless… Hilarious footage has emerged of a 2 year old girl from Belfast shouting at her mummy for laughing…


What This 10 year Old Girl Did To An Army Cadet Is..Well…Embarrasing

This video has everyone cheering. Watch as 10 year old, Kaylyn Mintz, takes on an army cadet in a push up contest…


Children Release An Emotional Video Forgiving The 9 Year Old Who Shot Their Dad

The children of the Arizona weapons instructor who was accidentally shot dead last month by a 9-year-old girl whom he was teaching…


Father Sings His Daughter Down The Aisle On Her Wedding Day

A father wanted to give his daughter a really special gift on her wedding day… so he came up with something that…

expectant father

Expecting Dad Gets Signed Off Work With Morning Sickness… After He Grows Breasts

An expecting father has been signed off work after he started suffering morning sickness and developing breasts, in a rare condition that…

joan rivers

The Moment Joan Rivers Makes Peace With Death Caught On Camera

This is an incredibly poignant piece that allows the viewer to get a glimpse into the comedy legend’s views on her own…