brittany maynard

29 Year Old With Terminal Cancer Who Had Chosen To Die On Nov 1st..May Wait Longer

Brittany Maynard’s story was everywhere earlier this month after she released a video detailing her decision to move to Oregon so she…


What This Girl Just Said In the Mic made the whole room feel VERY Uncomfortable!!

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A Mother’s Heartbreak When She Saw What Her Daughter Wrote On Her Facebook Page

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Husband Has Adorable Reaction To Some Big News

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Woman Calls 911 Pretending To Order A Pizza To Alert Them Of Domestic Abuse

A woman who is a victim of domestic violence called 911 for help but was unable to directly discuss of what was…

mum puting kids on bus

The Brutal Truth Stay-At-Home Mums Do Not Want To Admit

In the past, I blogged about loving being a stay-at-home mom, and I still do. But, it is not easy. And, lately, it…


Mother Takes A Stand After Breastfeeding Photo Is Banned By Facebook

A mother has taken on Facebook after a photo of her breastfeeding her severely premature daughter for the first time was removed…


Need To Gain Your Sanity Today As A Mum…This may help

  Ok, this may just be something dreams are made of….but hey we can all dream right?


She Went For A Walk Through NYC…What your about to see is so WRONG!!

When she started to walk through New York City I wasn’t expecting this to happen to her. Well then again maybe I…


When He Pulled A Knife On Her Everything Changed…It Was All Caught On Camera

What this man captured from his helmet Cam is incredible, it’s not what you think. Wow this girl was so lucky.


It took them years but what they have accomplished you just have to see

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Their Ultrasound went Horribly Wrong..then this’s the most shocking..amazing story

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What This Couple Have Done For Their 20th Anniversary Is Totally Amazing

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Brave Little Girl Shaves Her Head For Sister Who Was Diagnosed With Leukemia

A seven-year-old girl has shaved off all her beautiful red hair to show her support for young children suffering from cancer –…


Aww This Man Gave His Mum The Best Surprise Ever!!

Australia-based Stephen Nolan told his mum via video message that he wouldn’t be in Ireland for his sister’s wedding. “Unfortunately I’m not…


Parents Escorted Off Plane And Met By Police After Their 2 Year Old Son Had A Tantrum

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Watch The Gender Reveal Disaster That Leaves Everyone Stunned

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Robbie Williams Uploads Bizarre Videos Of Him Singing And Dancing While Wife Is In Labour

Giving birth is painful enough – without someone dancing and singing and filming it all as you try and push. Fans are…


Woman Wins The Right To End Daughter’s Life…I Begged The Judge

A mother has made legal history after she won a High Court case to end the life of her severely disabled 12-year-old…


This Domino’s Delivery Woman Deserves One Hell Of A Tip After This

What a star (Picture: Imgur) A man named Dave was battling through a hangover recently when he decided to order some Domino’s…