A Woman Has Given Birth to Twins From Different Fathers


There are certain things in life that we hold to be true, including the fact that twins come from a single father.

That fact is about to be changed, however when you hear this story of fraternal twins that were born from separate dads and the most unusual part is that both fathers are happy about it.

Simon and Graeme Berney-Edwards used IVF in order to be the genetic parents of their children. The couple who are gay, donated sperm to be implanted into an anonymous donor egg and then the egg was implanted into a surrogate.

Typically, a few eggs are implanted to ensure that at least one survives. In the case of these two men, however, two of the eggs survived, giving each of them the chance to be a father. And what’s even more incredible is each child is genetically tied to both men.

The couple are overwhelmed with the results.

They were looking forward to having one child but were thrilled when they learned that twins were a part of the pregnancy.

They now have a daughter and son, Alexa and Calder.

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