Smag31 started as a dream for me to stay at home after my 3rd child arrived, I have since welcomed my fourth. I was working long hours as a technician and started feeling like I can always make money but I’ll never get these years back with my kids. So at the age of 31(yes it took that long to stick my neck out and go for it) I started on the journey of making my dream a reality, building a platform for everyday women like you and me to allow our voices to be heard on a range of topics that matter to us. Sick and tired of tabloids and celeb mags being the loudest voice speaking to women, I started Smag31, out of a desire for a magazine with substance.

So from my kitchen table in a 3 bed semi in Ireland I have reached over 23 million viewers, but I’m not stopping there. The future for Smag31 is growing and evolving, we are building a platform soon to pay everyday women like you 75% of our revenue by creating content on our site. Giving you a platform to stay at home, have a career change or just dump that career altogether and go live whats truly on your heart. Stay tuned for more on that.  

Every Woman has a voice worth hearing…..