Heartbreak Footage-Dog Dumped At Side Of The Road This Christmas


The white and black Staffordshire bull terrier type dog was abandoned in Stoke and is now in the care of the RSPCA.

In the footage, a man is seen leaving the passenger side of the car carrying a dog bed, and leading a white and black Staffordshire bull terrier type dog.

CCTV shows him cross the road, leaving the bed on the pavement and unclipping the dog’s lead, before running back to the car. As the car drives away, the distressed dog jumps up at the window and chases the car.

Thankfully, the dog was found sitting in the bed by a passer-by during the following hour. The passer-by took the dog to a local vets who called the RSPCA which is now caring for him.

The RSPCA is appealing for information about the man who abandoned the dog.

“I am very keen to hear from anyone who recognises the vehicle, the man or the dog.”

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