Attention: Last Night My 4 Year Old Son Almost Lost His Life To This Toy


toy I would like to bring this to all parents attention. Last night 16/7/14 our 4 year old son almost lost his life to this toy.

I’m not over reacting if it wasn’t for my husbands quick response he would of choked to death! While alone in the lounge watching telly and playing with this toy for the 100+ time, he decided to to play with the short cord that attaches the pen to the board. This cord is about 35-40cm long, he got the cord wrapped around his throat and when he tried to take it off he panicked and tightened it.

My husband who was cooking tea heard him making funny noise but assumed he was playing, until he heard gargling & choking noises he went in to the lounge to the sight no parent should see, our 4 year old was strangling him self with a toy he used all the time. My husband couldn’t undo the cord and resorted to run back to the kitchen and cut it off with a sharp knife. As you can imagine this was extremely upsetting for both our son and my husband, our son was lucky this time, but what if my husband didn’t hear the noises? I dread to think how things could of turned out. He has been left with a red marks on his neck, and some burst blood vessels around his eyes & cheeks.

Please please be careful when your child is playing with these kind of toys. If your a parent please share this post to make parents aware of the dangers! Thanks x

Rachel Croft

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