Boy looks for mum in heaven..dials 911..police reaction brings everyone to tears!!

Losing a mum or dad is probably the hardest thing a child can experience.

In addition to the painful longing for the departed parent, it can be difficult for young children to grasp what’s actually happening. Mom, who was always there, is no where to be found.

One day, 5-year-old Jerry’s mother went to the hospital – and never came home. Dad explains that mum has gone to heaven – but this leaves Jerry wondering why she hasn’t come back to visit. Then one day, desperate to find his mum, Jerry dials 911.

An elderly police officer is the one to receive little Jerry’s ’emercency’ call. At first mistaking it for a prank call, the seemingly hardened officer is relatively annoyed. But a few moments later he realizes that it’s just a sad little boy on the other line.

He listens patiently as Jerry makes clear, without realizing it, that his mother has recently passed away. The officer is clearly saddened by what he hears.

But the officer also moves to offering some practical advice to the little boy – including a brilliant idea that will connect their lives in a way neither could ever have imaged.

And it all starts with a red balloon…

Make sure you have tissues handy before you watch the video below! 

Did this move you, too?

Please share it with your loved ones – this police officer’s gesture deserves all the attention in the world!

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