Life Vest Warning Posted as Toddler Nearly Drowned


Whatever you parents of young children do, please do not use this life jacket it is so very dangerous!!

Grandmother, Holly Mueller, said she and her husband Daniel were enjoying an afternoon in the pool with their grandchildren when two-year-old Marissa nearly drowned. 

Holly said when Daniel placed their granddaughter int the water she immediately flipped over with her face unable to turn away from the water.

“The [life jacket] immediately flipped her on her face,” Holly explained. “I jumped in the water. My husband had his attention away from her for half a second and it happened. My husband grabbed her. It was extremely scary. I was shaking and my husband was shaking.”

Although Marissa was fine, the worried grandparents couldn’t get the almost-accident out of their head, so they decided to film a recreation of the incident as an advisory against the life vest. might save a life!

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