Heart-wrenching video of horse crying at his owner’s funeral goes viral


Sometimes the bond between human and animal is truly unbreakable, not even death will end it.

This bond was so evident when a horse gave a touching farewell to his owner before he was laid to rest.

Wagner Lima died in a traffic accident at the age of 34 in Paraiba, Brazil. Lima’s brother knew his best friend, a horse named Sereno, should attend the funeral.

When the vehicle carrying the casket pulled up at a gathering of mourners, Sereno seemed to know Lima was in there. He reportedly smelled around the coffin and then laid his head on it. He also whimpered during the procession to the cemetery.

“As we brought the coffin out at the beginning of the funeral, (Sereno) sounded like he was crying and as if he recognized that his owner was finally leaving him. He pounded the ground with his hooves and kept on whinnying. It was very sad,” close family friend Francielio Limiera told USA Today.

See the horse’s heartbreaking reaction in the video below. It’s moved so many to tears.

This just shows how deep animals’ feelings are for the humans that love them. Please share with all your animal-loving friends.

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