How To Organize House Party And Not Regret It

Have you ever wanted to plan a house party but somehow you were always turned off by the idea because of all the things that happen after? Well, it is about time to stop worrying so much and finally organize the best house party ever! Here's what you should do to make it awesome and memorable.


Write everything down

First things first, you should write everything down. That way you will make sure that you have everything you need and don't spend too much money on stuff you don't. Making a plan of the party will help you stay on a budget! Think about who you are going to invite, make a guest list before you hit the shops and always buy little extra because some people will come in pairs – think of it as a ‘just in case' preparation. 

Decorate your home

Don't take decoration too lightly; it is very important how your interior looks like. It will take just a little of your time but it will mean a lot for the party. You can simply buy a bunch of balloons, party napkins, colorful straws and DIY party hats, wall decoration, organize snacks and drinks in colorful plates and cups and voila! 

Make room for dancing

Obviously, you should clean up before the party and get rid of stuff you don't need to make room for all the people you are planning on inviting. Don't forget to create an improvised dance floor in the center of the room. People love dance floors, especially after a few cocktails! 

Good music is the key

You should really think about music in advance and create a playlist that everybody will enjoy. Connect your phone to Bluetooth speakers and put it somewhere out of reach so that you can control who plays music and what is being played. It is best to put several speakers around the house to avoid people crowding in one corner. 

Party time:

Make your guests feel welcomed

The best way to break the ice and help your guests not to feel uncomfortable at your house party is to greet them as they come. You should make them feel welcomed, ask about how they are, offer them a drink and show them the snacks table. Introduce them to at least one other guest so that they can talk until the other guests arrive and the party actually starts.

Hire drink servers 

In order to have enough time to talk to every guest and have fun obviously, you can opt for an original kombi hire to impress your friends and kill two birds with one stone. You will have an amazing drinks bar with customized signs, i.e. branded bar and you will wow your guest all while having fun at your own party! People will talk about it for a long, long time.

Get your guests involved

Don't hesitate to ask your guest for a hand. Everybody loves being involved so don't be embarrassed to ask boys to open wine bottles or girls to place snacks on the tables because they will certainly love to help. Plus it will break the tension because everybody will focus on the tasks and forget to overthink about other stuff.

Don't worry about cleaning

Don't stress over after party cleaning, think of the way you can engage your guest to clean while they are partying. Put garbage bins in the kitchen and label them noticeably to help your guests with throwing away the recyclables. Put away all the carpets so tomorrow you will only have to clean the floors and minimize the stuff in the party area to avoid breaking due to tipsy, clumsy guests.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to organize a perfectly smooth house party without the stress of any kind. As long as you write everything down and plan in detail in advance you will have everything under control and the chance to relax at your own amazing party! Don't think about the after part, just relax and enjoy the good music, nice drinks, and tasty snacks. If you are in a good mood you will create a positive atmosphere and have so much fun without being stressed!

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