4 Tips to Keep Hair Healthy During Winter

High humidity, cold air, and drastic temperature changes you put your hair through during winter months are all the reasons why it needs special attention at this time of the year. Most common problems women face are frizzy and tangled hair, alongside split ends and dryness. However, with a few easy tricks, you could relieve your hair from any of those problems, and have flawless shiny locks you’ve always wanted.

Avoid Styling Appliances

While you may think that your hair only looks beautiful when you style it with a curling or flat iron, these appliances will actually only dry it out completely. What’s more, the excessive heat irons produce severely damages the ends, leaving your hair dry, straw-like and without shine. Therefore, try to completely replace irons with a blow dryer. Use an appropriate styling brush for your hair length, and you will perfectly style it this way. If you can’t completely cut out the use of hair tools from your routine, then try to use it only once a week, or for some special occasions.

Cut Washing to a Minimum

Try washing your hair as less as possible during the week. Many women tend to wash their hair every day, which is completely wrong. Even if you have oily hair, washing it every day will only cause more damage than it’ll do good. Not only does the shampoo wash away the dirt, but natural oil and moisturizers on the scalp as well. Therefore, limit the washing to once, or maximum twice a week, and don’t use hot but lukewarm water. The hotter the water, the dryer the hair. Dry shampoos are the perfect alternative to a wash, so be sure to spray some of it on your scalp and you’ll instantly get a fresh looking hair.

Nourish Your Hair

The best prevention to dry and damaged hair is nourishment. Cold weather alongside smog and other influences negatively affect the healthy look of your hair. Therefore, try to regularly apply nutrifying Alive skin and hair products to your hair so that it can always look healthy and shiny. They will replenish the moisture, leaving your hair silky and healthy. What’s more, don’t forget to condition it after every wash. Women with oily and dry hair should avoid conditioning the roots, but only stick to the other 2/3 of their hair. The best way to know which area to avoid is to take your hair and start lifting it up as if you’re going to put it in a ponytail. Once you’ve gathered it, condition only the part of the hair from where it’s gathered to the ends. Nourishing masks, oils and sprays will also do wonders for your hair, so be sure to invest in those as well.

Cut, cut, cut

Cutting your hair to a length that is easily styled is the best thing you could do in the winter months. While you may love your long bouncy locks, they will need much intense care and you’ll be forced to use all those damaging curling irons to keep it styled during the humid weather. Therefore, cut it a bit shorter, so you can style it only with your hair dryer. You’ll have healthy hair and no split ends if you only cut it regularly and nourish it well.

Healthy and shiny hair contributes immensely to an overall look. Therefore, be sure to keep it healthy and silky during the entire winter. Condition regularly, avoid using curling and flat irons, try to wash it less than you’d usually do, and visit your hairdresser often to have a gorgeous hairdo all winter long.

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