Hey, New Mom..Parenting in Public Can Be Horrendous

“Me and journeys aren’t pals these days. Was catching a train back to London from visiting in-laws in Merseyside, when Tom produced what can only be described as a detonation of diarrhoea.

A tsunami of squits 10 minutes before the train arrived in London. Unable to wait till we got home (as there was a 25 minute Uber ride post the train), I hot-footed it to the loos (actual hot feet thanks to dripping poo), and had no change of clothes for him.

It was EVERYWHERE. I had to wrap up all his clothes individually in sanitary bags because I had no sodding nappy bags either), and luckily I had a long sleeved tee under my jumper which I took off and fashioned into a makeshift babygro – his legs in the sleeves and the body pulled up over his body and safety pinned over the shoulders, then put his shit-free coat over it just as we pulled into Euston. 

Wish I’d taken a photo but I needed all my hands. 

MacGyver never had to do anything like this….”

Wow well done to this mum for thinking on her feet, have you ever had a nightmare experience like this?

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