Open Letter To All The Hot-Mess Moms!

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Ok, full disclosure: I really AM a hot-mess mom.

I am consistently five steps behind where I should be in the world of responsible adulting. Like, for real.

Never once have I thought to myself, “OMG, I think I’m actually tackling this whole parenthood thing.”

Nope. Not once. Do I think I’m a good mom? Yeah, I really do. But I don’t have it all together by any stretch of the imagination. And that’s ok, I’m realizing. I’m not so sure having it together and being a good mom are even synonymous. I don’t think it’s any reflection on, well, anything, in my opinion. So, I’m coming forward to say it to everyone…I’m a hot mess. And I kinda just want to embrace it and move on, cause I have more important issues on which to dwell.

I’m that mom who doesn’t do dishes at night before I go to bed. I do dishes when I get around to doing dishes.

I’m that mom who grabs her kids’ clothes out of the dryer in the morning because nothing is folded and put away.

I’m that mom who forgets to send in forms and gets calls reminding me that, yes, I need to send in those forms.

I’m that mom who misses a birthday party or an appointment from time to time because I forgot to put it in my calendar.

I’m that mom who forgets to RSVP and gets a last minute text asking if my kid is coming to the party.

I’m that mom who screams all morning to get the kids out of the house because we are all running late.

I’m that mom who packs a crazy, one-food-group lunch because I haven’t gotten around to going food shopping.

I’m that mom who lets her kids have endless screen time sometimes (ok, more than sometimes) just because I don’t feel like fighting and need to get a few things done.

I’m that mom who has piles upon piles upon piles in the house of papers, books, and projects to go through that I say every day I’ll take care of but never do.

I’m also that mom whose kids are safe.

I’m also that mom whose kids are, for the most part, happy.

I’m also that mom whose home has lots of love and laughter.

I’m also that mom who cheers on her kids and is their biggest fan.

I’m also that mom who is constantly working to show her kids they are accepted no matter what.

I’m also that mom who takes her kids to do cool stuff and have great experiences.

I’m also that mom who loves being a mom.

I’m definitely a hot-mess mom, but dammit, I’m still pretty fabulous.


by Where The Eff Is My Handbook

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