Painful Truth All Stay at Home Moms Experience

On Friday a friend called me really upset, her husband called her from work and told her he was going away on a spontaneous boys weekend that weekend.

She asked me, “is it ok that I’m so mad? Would you be upset?”

So I thought about it, from both sides.

And the truth is that yes, I would be upset.

Because what those who don’t stay at home with their kids don’t realise is that women (or man) who stays at home makes huge sacrifices, they don’t love every minute of the relentless house work, going to the park alone with just our kids is not a “blessing” it’s hard fucking work and no matter how hard they work, the same amount of work is presented to them the following day.

And the only break they get, their weekend so to speak, is you, the other parent, coming home.

You are the weekend, you are the break. Just knowing that you’re not going to be the only one getting food down the kids throats or not the only one to buckle in and buckle out every kids. Makes is so much easier.

The kids are happier because you are home, the women (or man) you love is happier because you are home. How crazy is that?

So the next time you want to spontaneously go away on a boys weekend and I’m not saying never have spontaneity, but I want you to understand why your partner may feel let down,

Imagine if you worked 5 days and just before you clocked off you’re partner called you and said “by the way you don’t get a weekend this week, you’re working all the way through”

You’d be kinda pissed too.

And at the end of the day, if somebody actually wants you home with them?
Then you are already winning at life.

by Constance Hall xxx

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