Stunning moment Grandmother Names Child From Her Grave

“Due to our mum being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer just a couple of months before my sister found it she was pregnant my sister made an incredible decision.

Wanting our mum to have an important part in the grandchild she would never meets life my sister decided my mum was to choose the name and was to tell it to me just before we had to say good bye to her 😢 my sister and her partner wanted the name to be a surprise until the day their baby was born so his name is a secret I have been keeping for the last 6 months.

Finally on Friday 13th it was time to reveal all and the beautiful little boy entered our world. The delivery room was filled with our mums things and pictures so she felt close to us and everything was perfect. Welcome to the world baby boy. We love you so much already. And a huge congratulations to my sister Katrina and Danny. You did amazing!!”

A name handpicked from heaven

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