The Significance of Closely Checking Your Tyres Before Going On A Road Trip

Before you head out on your next road trip, consider this: When you stop to think about it, it’s a remarkable feat of human ingenuity and smarts that we’re all able to drive around at speed in heavy metal boxes that weigh tonnes, safely. Considering the inherently dangerous nature of driving, it’s therefore incredibly important to keep everything in your car running in perfect order to keep yourself as safe as possible on the road. Unfortunately, an often overlooked part of the car when it comes to regular maintenance are the tyres. This is remarkably reckless and extremely dangerous. The tyres are easily one of the most important parts of the car since they’re the part that is continuously touching the road surface. In today’s article, we’re going to outline a few things you should always carefully check before going on a road trip. Stay safe and keep these in mind.

 Simple Maintenance

As important as tyre maintenance is, it’s comfortingly easy to spot problems yourself. What you’re primarily looking out for when doing a visual inspection of your tyres is the following:


· Tyre Pressure

· Tyre pressure should be set just right for an optimal and safe ride. Ideally, what you’re looking for is the bottom of your tyre to sit flat against the road and not appear under or over-inflated.

· Tread Depth

· The shallower your tyres treads are, the less grip they will have on the road. Local laws dictate the minimum tread your tyres are required to have. Make sure to familiarize yourself with them.

· Bulges or Cracks

· Bulges and cracks on the surface of a tyre indicate an unsafe tyre since the tyre may blow at any time. Keep an eye out for them and get any checked by a qualified technician.

· Uneven Wear

· If your tyres are showing uneven wear, then there is something wrong with the balance of your car. You should immediately take your car into a qualified technicians shop to investigate and resolve the issue.

Tyre maintenance should be carried out at least once a month. Keep a close eye out for any of the issues listed above. They are clear indicators of the safety of your car.

 Tyre Types

Besides caring for your current tyres, you should carefully research which tyres are most suitable for your car and driving conditions. Tyres come in a wide variety, and unfortunately, people tend to typically pick budget tyres for cost savings. However, picking budget tyres can become a financial trap since cheap tyres go bad quickly and need to be replaced more often. Budget-friendly tyres can even increase your car's fuel consumption and are typically less grippy than the expensive tyres. Considering the wide variety of tyre prices and models available, it can seem a bit daunting. But just look to match your tyres to your typical driving environment. If you do a lot of highway driving, then look for a model that performs better at speed overall for instance.

 Winter Tyres

If you live in an area with a consistent winter, then investing in a set of Winter tyres may be well worth the extra cash. Depending on your local laws though, you may be legally required to own a set of winter tyres for extra safety. Winter tyres are better equipped to deal with the demanding conditions of winter, in particular, the extreme wetness and extra slipperiness from the ice and snow. The extra traction afforded means much lower chances of having any unfortunate slips or skids. Though winter tyres do provide excellent grip in the winter, they are NOT suited for use outside of winter conditions. They can even potentially damage your car. This means that you need to find a storage solution for your winter tyres throughout the rest of the year. The alternative to winter tyres is to use all season tyres. They tend to be cheaper, more convenient, and provide a softer ride, but we need to once again emphasize that you check your local laws. You may be unable to use all-season tyres due to law.


There we have it, a short list of tips outlining what you should check in and on your tyres before heading out for a road trip. Never put down the significance and importance of your tyres for your car. They are an extremely important part of your safety on the road and should not be neglected. While you’re on the road, take a moment to pause and consider the incredible feat of human ingenuity that has made your road trip possible in the first place. Then take a moment to congratulate yourself for taking the time to ensure the safety of yourself and loved ones by giving your tyres the attention they deserve. 

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