Dad Loses Children after Public Outrage at his Youtube Prank

If you’ve been following the sad story we recently reported, about the ‘abuse’ of children behind the YouTube channel, DaddyOFive, we have news for you. The children have now been removed and the Father is facing charges.

Mike and Heather Martin, the father and stepmother of Emma and Cody, have lost custody of the two children after coming under fire for their abusive “prank” videos, which they have since removed from the DaddyOFive account. Emma and Cody are now in the care of their biological mother, Rose, after she was given emergency custody of them a few days ago.

If you aren’t that familiar with this family, here’s an example of the psychological ‘abuse’ they inflicted on a regular basis to gain YouTube views and sadly gain money from the ‘abuse’ of their children.

Warning: this is very difficult to watch.

Watch Rose and her lawyer, Tim Conlon, talk about the situation below. Rose is very understandably  a little overwhelmed on camera.

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