10 Signs Showing He Is No Longer Like You

Sometimes, the relationships break and finish suddenly with no reason. Sometimes, you may believe that you are being with an idol man. Then he sends you his mixed signals to let you guess his feeling. You make excuses to explain the mess of his behavior. Once your guy is not interested in you anymore, it is very painful. However, these signs will help you overcome a complicated relationship to make you continue your life.

1.        Contact

He did not get your phone call or reply your message and email in time. You find yourself giving reasons to justify his lack of connection. The dodge is a simple message and it is very clear that he does not want your attention to him anymore.

2.        Social life

He does not allow you to join in his family life or introduce you to his family or friend. He does not invite you to social activities. He is not free to meet your family or friends.

3.        Spare time

He is too busy to spend his time with you but he has time to do other things. He does not plan to be more than one day with you. You can be a toy or neglected person.

He is too busy to spend his time with you but other things.

4.        Future

He did not talk about the future. Although you do not have a plan for wedding or give a birth, he will not plan for long vacation or the next holiday for you both at the weekend.

10 Signs Showing He Is No Longer Like You

He did not talk about the future of yours.

5.        Clarity

Not all men know how to express feelings in a direct manner, so he continues his ambiguity. He does not say his feelings clearly and has vague decisions. He cannot understand his hesitation.

6.        Other women

He mentions other women and shows too much interest in them. He still keeps in touch with his ex. girlfriend. The man who is interested in you will give his attention to you.

7.        Apology

He gives many reasons to explain why he is not present. These reasons cause little argue: concentrating on his works, getting hurt by his ex-girlfriend or being too busy taking time and effort. If he is interested in these things, he will find solution, not the explanations.

8.        Intimacy

He pays a little attention to the intimate contact or wants to be close to you in the few last minutes or when drinking too much. Getting in touch with you is less frequent or permanently terminated.

9.        Instinct

Listen to the voice of your heart. If you think some things are wrong, it certainly is. Most of your friends have seen the signs and may try to tell you.

Go with your gut instinct.

10.     Your signal

It is necessary to give the final decision from you guy. Are you trying to send the signal that he wrongly decoded? Does he respond to what you are expressing? Please check your signal to see whether he responds to you or not.

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