16-Year-Old Takes Her Life After Creating Instagram Poll On Whether To Live Or Die

A young 16 year old girl was found dead around 8 PM in the island of Borneo. The cause of death was a fall from a three-floor building.

She had previously posted on Facebook with the message “WANNA QUIT I’M F*****G TIRED”.

The girl had been dealing with a history of depression, a district police chief Aidil Bolhassan said.

Just before her death, she posted an image on her Instagram story with the caption “Really important help me choose” and a poll.

The two poll options were “D” for death and “L” for live. The poll ended up having a 69 percent vote for death.

Opinions about the role of this story post vary. On the one hand, you could say that people’s voting contributed to her taking her own life.

On the other hand, she had a history of mental illness that might not have been dealt with.

The local police started an investigation about her death. Minister Ramkarpal Singh urged for the people who voted for death on that poll to be looked into.

He said:”Since attempted suicide is an offence in this country, it follows that abetting one to attempt suicide may be, too”

With the rising rates of depression and mental health issues, events like these highlight the need for these topics to be talked about.

Suicide is now the leading cause of death for people under 20.

Many experts say that social media is playing a big role on this trend, and events like these show that might very well be the case.

Earlier this year, Instagram claimed it would launch “sensitivity screens” to deal with issues such as these.

These screens would censor images depicting self harm and remove them from search results.

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