5 Easy Tips to Secure Your Home Like the Pros

More than a quarter of homes have no security measures in place. An unlocked door leads to an estimated 5% of total burglaries. You don’t need to be a security expert to tell that the general population is not well-acquainted with home security.

And, you don’t need to be a security expert to secure your home. Just a few precautionary steps can help you make sure your family and belongings are well-protected against intruders.

Securing Gateways

An anti-cut weatherproof padlock doesn’t cost much, but can ward off intruders. For instance, the Yale high-security padlock is a solid option as it also has an anti-pick system. You won’t have to worry about intruders picking their way in.

You could also go for the Master Lock Pro-Series heavy-duty padlock. The 55mm model is a bit more expensive than Yale’s model, but is equipped with a hardened iron shackle that makes it impervious to bolt cutters.

Layered Protection

According to experts, securing your home is all about layers. Intruders wage risks against rewards when determining their targets. You need to set up deterrents in place.

An outdoor security camera, for instance, is a great one – especially if it warns you when someone approaches your home. A floodlight with motion sensors should also be an effective solution. Floodlights, unlike standard lights, have low energy use.

Sirens do a great job of scaring off burglars that have managed to breach your windows or doors. You can get ones that are triggered by motion and sound.

On the other hand, children’s toys lying in the front yard are an invitation to get robbed. If burglars see nice toys in front of your house, they’ll think there are even nicer gadgets to be found inside it.

Smart Security Systems

Although it’s not enough on its own, high tech protection is sure to deter even the boldest burglars. However, you need to research the devices and systems you have to choose from. There are tons of options there- don’t treat it as an impulse buy.

Buying the wrong system will leave you with a headache and a ton of vulnerabilities. Make sure you choose something that fits your lifestyle, especially if you plan to install it yourself. For instance, if you often go to the bathroom during the night, you’d want to make sure you’re not triggering the sensors each time you step into the hallway.

When choosing a system, keep the layer principle in mind: motion sensors ensure indoor security, while door sensors ensure perimeter security. A smart home protection system can cost you a hundred pounds or a couple of thousand.

If you don’t have a budget for such devices, it doesn’t mean you don’t get to have high tech protection. If you have an old smartphone you’re not using, you can use an app like Alfred to turn it into a security camera. Some level of smart protection is better than none.

Leveraging Your Ductwork and HVAC

Don’t worry, no burglar is going to squeeze in through your vents or send nanobots through them. But, sometimes, making your home secure goes hand in hand with making it safe.

You can tie your HVAC system and ductwork to your smoke detector and lights. That way, when it detects smoke, the ventilation fan shuts down and prevents the smoke from spreading throughout the house. Some people may sleep through a smoke alarm. The lights can help make sure they wake up.

But, for many, their ductwork is shrouded in mystery. And, if it is shrouded in mystery for you as well, it also probably shrouded in dust, pollen, and allergens – especially if it’s old.

Faulty ductwork can also cause poor air and temperature regulation. That often leads to high utility bills. Your ductwork is the veins of your HVAC system. Make sure your home is efficient, as well as secure.

Anybody Home?

Leaving the lights on when you go out is the oldest trick in the book. It still works! Well, with a few adjustments. You can set your smart home devices to turn the TV on occasionally or you can set a timer on your lights.

To strengthen the illusion, you can stagger these events. Here’s an example. First, the TV turns off. Then, the hall light goes on and off. Finally, the bedroom lights go on.

That makes it look like people are going to sleep. Burglars hate motion. Leverage it to your advantage.


By combining modern technology with old-school steps, you can make sure your home is well-protected. And when you’re done securing your home, help your neighbour protect theirs.

You can even set up a Neighbourhood Watch. A strong community that sticks together is the best protection against anti-social behaviour.

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