7 Window Ideas that Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Windows are undeniably important and vital for every home, but sometimes they can cause certain issue and high energy bills are among them. There are various ways to lower your energy bills, some more effective than others, but all with the same goal. Right materials and proper installation can turn even the decorative items into a proper window treatment.

Just to paint you a picture, 76% of sunlight when enters the home turns into heat and medium-colored drapes can reduce the solar heat up to 33%. Therefore, before you turn on your air-conditioning in summer, or increase the heating, consider these windows idea that can lower your energy bills.

1. Try different kinds of shades

Shades are an elegant part of décor that will at the same time decorate your windows but also prevent the sun from scorching your interior. The most important thing when it comes to this window idea is that it needs a proper installment. As close to the window as possible and right up the adjoining wall is a technique that will create a tight seal and minimize the heat.

For more functionality, think about dual-layered shades with a light color on one side and darker on the other. You can even reverse them in this case when the season changes. The darker side will attract heat in winter, and lighter will reflect the sun in summer.

2. Interior and exterior blinds

No matter if you decide for interior or exterior blinds, you will gain heat reduction. And the best thing is that you can have the desired level of privacy and light at the same time. White blinds reduce heat by 45% when closed during sunny days.

Blinds are perfect since they give you ventilation as well, but during hot summer days, you will probably keep the windows closed. That’s why their ideal location is south- and west-facing windows.

3. Use high reflectivity film

High reflectivity film is an excellent solution for climates with short winters since once it’s installed, it stays. The film is a very effective means to reduce heat gain during the whole year. This means that it will effectively reduce heat gain even in winter when you need it.

The best type of high reflective films is silver, mirror-like one which has proven better than transparent versions. It's best to install it on east- and west-facing windows, but it's not necessarily the rule. This type of window treatment is perfect for large windows like office buildings.

4. Consider roof overhangs

Roof overhangs are similar to awnings but will take more investing and are permanent. When it comes to this addition to your home, you will need to consult an architect and construction team. They will need to calculate into design certain elements like climate, window size, and latitude.

When people renovate their new homes, architects will suggest this and even include it in the design plans. Today, in modern architecture, this has become a standard since it really helps with the energy efficiency.  

5. Install awning above the window

Awning above the window will not only cool off the air in front of your window but also give you an excellent place to enjoy summers outside. There are different types of awnings and finding the right one depends on you, your budget and overall house exterior design. The most popular canopy shade is easy to install and practical to use.

During summer, this type of awning will be useful during rain as well, so you can freely open your windows without water coming into your home. It is cost-effective, energy-efficient and above all comfortable installation that most homeowners choose.

6. Drapes for insulation

Drapes are part of the design as well as practicality. If you choose this type of window treatment you will give your home classy and sophisticated appeal, but also a comfortable environment during summer. They also work well in the winter when is the perfect solution to prevent heat loss.

Position the drapes as close to the windows as possible and top to bottom of the wall to seal off the area. Drapes allow you to play with colors but bear in mind that medium-colored ones will be the most successful in reducing the heat.

7. Shutter for the look and lower bills

Shutters are windows fixtures that can be installed inside and outside your residence thus giving your home a rustic and organic appearance. While they are mostly used in houses, modern solutions also allow their installation in the residential buildings, where interior solutions prevail. They require an acquired taste and really add to the décor, as well as exterior design.

They allow you to control the level of privacy, as well as light that will enter your home but is also more efficient for heat reduction than shades or blinds. Roller ones are much better for insulation and offer better protection during winter and summer. Additionally, they are useful against storms, heavy rainfall and other environmental factors which is why people liked installing them on houses.

All in all

No matter if you decide for interior or exterior window ideas, you will gain a certain amount of heat reduction. At the same time, these window treatments can help you keep the warmth inside, which will reduce your use of the heating system. Both winter and summer months can benefit from efficient window solutions that will lower energy bills and give become a stylish addition to your décor.

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