8 Reasons Why Print Marketing Is Thriving

New media advertising has its perks, but print marketing is still thriving.

As soon as the internet became a thing, marketers started predicting the death of print. The advent of social media did indeed change the game, so it’s easy to conclude that the best marketing strategies involve sites and search engines.

Yet, print is still alive and well. Back in 2018, print advertising spending in the US amounted to a whopping $24.66 billion, and annual expenditures have remained stable since. New media advertising has its perks, but print marketing is still thriving.

Consumers Trust Print

Consumers still view and read print materials like catalogs, posters, brochures, and cards. If a company wants to gain the trust of consumers, they cannot afford to ignore the power of print marketing.

Many consumers are put off by common online marketing tactics. Mailers, sponsored Facebook posts, and pop-up banners don’t really inspire trust. Many people associate these with spam.

Print, on the other hand, appears to be much more trustworthy. Most people don’t see any issues with accepting flyers and brochures, but they are wary about clicking online ads that pop out of nowhere.

Lower Costs

Over the last few decades, the cost of printing has dramatically decreased. Now we have many digital tools and files that facilitate the process.

Companies can significantly reduce their per-unit price with higher run orders. The availability of online services also makes things much easier. Not so long ago, businesses didn’t really have many tangible ways to measure the success of their print campaigns.

But today, thanks to printable QR codes, personalized URLs, and various metrics tools, companies can measure the performance of their print marketing. This allows them to improve cost-efficiency.

Mutual Existence

There are several ways businesses can use print advertising to complement their digital strategy and vice versa. Online marketing and print marketing are not mutually exclusive.

Many brick and mortar businesses split their marketing budget between print and digital strategies. They do not spend their money just on one or the other.

If they were to focus on just one channel, they would be ignoring older demographics or some other members of their target audience. The great possibilities digital marketing offers do not negate the power of print.

Print Subscriptions are Still Strong

Even though the advent of the internet has had an impact on print publications, magazine subscriptions remain at a generally stable pace. Print is still very popular among newspaper subscribers.

And, they are loyal to their favorite newspapers and magazines. More than 50% of print subscribers have paid for their favorite subscriptions for 5 years or more. For many businesses, magazines and newspaper ads remain a great way to reach older members of their target audience.

Print Is Easier to Read

Print works better with some consumers for one very simple reason—it is easier to read. According to a 2015 survey by Two Sides, 81% of people think print marketing materials are more readable than online content.

For a consumer that simply wants to read a blog or find something online, navigating and scrolling the screen of a computer, tablet, or smartphone can be distracting. On paper, it is easier to find all the details. All that one has to do is flip the pages back and forth.

When it comes to screens, there’s also the issue of blue light. Reading printed materials isn’t so tiring.

More Effective Information Retention

According to a study from Australian Academic & Research Libraries, paper still beats screen. Similar studies indicate that students perform better on tests when they study using paper notes instead of digital textbooks. 

Advertisements, white papers, and case studies have a better impact when they are in print. It’s easier for consumers to remember details they’ve read on paper.

When browsing the internet, people tend to scan and skim online ads or skip them entirely. They are much easier to ignore and forget.

Printed Catalogues Still Bring in Customers

Supermarkets such as Aldi, Woolworths, and Coles still make millions of sales through catalogs, according to B&T Magazine. Encouraged by their wide readership, they have found clever ways to maximize print marketing.

For instance, Coles Australia even has a high-quality monthly sales magazine that features interesting recipes. Naturally, all the ingredients are some of their best products.

Print Marketing Is Tangible

Even though most of marketing has shifted to the digital realm, consumers still want something tangible. This mindset won’t die off anytime soon. Many of us still like to use cards instead of e-cards and receive paper bills rather than e-bills.

Business cards remain very popular. And, since one can print all of their social media info on their business card, it’s a great way to advertise one’s online presence.

Print materials are more stimulating than online ads because we can smell them, touch them, and hear them crackle. Nothing we see or read online can have this kind of effect.


Print is far from dead. Almost every company that has a successful marketing approach combines both online strategies and print advertising. A well-executed print marketing campaign can still help you bring in new customers.

The world may have gone digital, but there are still many consumers who prefer to do things the old fashion way. And, more importantly, they respond more than well to well-crafted print marketing campaigns.

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