Baby girl with amazing hair lands deal with Pantene and the photos are adorable


There is a lot to love about babies. It doesn’t matter if we are parents or not, we tend to melt when we see them. Of course, if we can just give them back to the parents when they get fussy it’s better but in any case, they are wonderful. We might look at their cuteness from any number of perspectives but we don’t often think about their hair. After all, many babies are lacking in that area.

Then again, there is Chanco. She has more than a full head of hair, she has an incredible amount of it. It is so surprising that it has even caught the attention of Pantene and more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. All of this and she isn’t even one-year-old yet.

She was recently seen for the first time on TV as a Pantene Japan model. It was a short clip about her life: “Even when I was in my mommy’s tummy, I had lots of hair growing,” television presenter Sato Kondo narrates in the animation, The Hairy Tale, which was shared by Pantene. “Sway, sway, swaying… just like seaweed under the ocean.”

Chanco had a full head of hair from the time she was born. When pictures were posted on Instagram at 4 months of age, they went viral.

Her mother gave an interview about her naturally photogenic daughter:

“She loves it. When I point a camera to her, she immediately starts smiling.

“I started sharing pictures on Instagram because she was my first baby, and everyone kept asking me how hair baby girl is doing every day.

“She sometimes eats her own hair when she is eating her meal,” she added. Apparently, a lot of time is spent every day just blow-drying her hair.

I don’t know what they are doing to keep her hair beautiful but it is sure working!

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