Woman Pushes Elderly Man From Bus..KILLING him in front of her 3 yr-old-son

A 25-year-old woman pushed a 74-year-old disabled man from a public transport bus with devastating consequences.

The man sustained a litany of injuries as a direct result of the fall, though he died a month after the incident took place.

Here’s how it all started

After witnessing the woman cussing multiple passengers on his bus ride, Serge Fournier, the 74-year-old man told the 25-year-old woman that she should treat her fellow passengers better and be nicer to them.

Cadesha Bishop, 25, didn’t appreciate Mr. Fournier’s advice, as Bishop pushed him off of the bus platform onto the hard, concrete sidewalk as soon as the bus’ doors opened.

As soon as Cadesha Bishop pushed Serge Fournier to the ground, she immediately made her way to the back of the bus in hopes that she wouldn’t be identified.

The man was obviously disabled, as he was using a walker to get around.

Bishop seemingly had no remorse for Fournier’s health or welfare, as the frail senior wasn’t even able to break his fall by catching himself due to him having a general sense of weakness.

The elderly mans head hit the ground before the rest of his body, causing him to lay on the ground without moving an inch until he was cared for by first responders.

He was then carried to a local hospital, where he struggled with his health complications in a fight for his life.

After he passed away, coroners reported that the 74-year-old man sustained a number of injuries – not just the one to his head – and ultimately died because of complications that came out of sustaining blunt force trauma.

Las Vegas law enforcement officers labeled the man’s death as a murder.

Even more shocking, Bishop had her innocent, three-year-old son with her when she pushed the elderly man to the ground.

Earlier this week, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released the videotape that the bus recorded.

According to police, Bishop suffered from an untreated mental health disorder that hampered her ability to hold her anger within.

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