Sky news vid that got taken down–they don’t want you you to see this

One of our facebook followers said afterseeing this video

“Okay no more outings people. A friend has confirmed to me today that thousands of body bags were delivered to Belfast hospitals this anticipating our biggest health crisis since WW2. I don’t know about you, but neither me nor my children will be in any of those bags. And I wouldn’t want to be responsible for someone else being in one. An 18 year old died in England today of COVID:19. It is a horrible, painful, undignified death. And it is preventable. Stay. At. Home.”

In the video below medics hold back tears as they describe the anguish for their patients who are scared and lonely in their last hours.

The mortuary assistant beckoned for us to follow him.

We passed room after room full of coffins. At the end of a corridor he opened a door and gestured that we go inside what I could see was a church.

I didn’t understand, but as we turned the corner we were confronted by more rows of coffins.

There are so many dead at the Cremona Hospital in Lombardy that they have to use the church to store the bodies before they are picked up and taken away to be cremated.

Their families haven’t been able to pay their last respects or say goodbye. They can’t because they are in lockdown quarantine.

It’s a recurring theme now, everyone dies alone.

Time and again doctors and nurses hold back tears as they describe the anguish they feel for their patients who are dreadfully scared and lonely in their last hours.


“Try to stop, try to stop – isolate people, stop contact in everything because otherwise the situation is, like, a tsunami, is a tsunami, when it starts to grow it’s really… it explodes.”

“Don’t think that it is happening here and [think] it can’t happen everywhere else – because it will if you don’t do anything to stop it.”

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