Hospital Has Been Sending Newborns Home In Christmas Stockings During The Holidays For Over 50 Years

Somebody came up with a unique idea at the San Antonio, Texas hospital. Children who are born during the holidays would be sent home in their own Christmas stocking and it quickly became a tradition. They even make Christmas hats to help make it look more festive.

The Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital is the volunteer group that makes the stockings and hats.

Other hospitals have seen what they did in Texas and are following their example.

Mount Auburn Hospital has now been doing it for 12 years.

The volunteers enjoyed doing this but the parents seem to get the most enjoyment out of it. They will keep the stockings and caps, cherishing them for many years. One woman that was also born on Christmas day, Janie De Lare brought her baby home and a Christmas stocking some 18 years ago.

Most parents are happy and excited over this tradition.

We can’t think of a better stocking stuffer this Christmas. Share this sweet Christmas story!

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