How To Know If He Loves Me Or Is Playing Me

The relationship can be very complicated. Although you have the first date or had many relationships, you may find yourself in some situations and everything seems vague. Unfortunately, finding a right man can take a lot of effort and heartbroken. You feel like you are being played through some points in your relationship. Instead, your boyfriend is not really honest with you, or hiding his true intentions. Although this behavior can be different from other people, there are many ways to know you are being taken advantages.

How to know if he loves me or is playing me?


  1. Discuss commitment with him. If he makes it clear, he wants to be with you in the long term. It is likely that he really loves you. If he avoids that topic and does not want to end this relationship completely, he could just hold you until he finds someone else. In this situation, you are being taken advantage of.
  2. Check his behavior. If he is often gracious with you and does not require any benefits, this means you have a healthy relationship. However, if he is suddenly aloof or not interested in you but does not break his love, it means that you are being taken advantage of.
  3. See him frequently. If your boyfriend has a busy schedule but still saves his time for you, he loves you enough to give you his kind that you deserve. If he seems to spend little time or no time for you because of his works, you are being joked. He even uses his free time to meet other people.

He may have a busy schedule but still saves time for you.

  1. Keep contact with him. If he is ready to talk to you about his feeling or his problems, then he loves and believes you. In addition, you often have a hard time to comfort him with his sorrow; he was taking his emotions to control you.
  2. Ask him what he thinks about you. If he respects and accepts you, it’s likely that he really loves you. On the other hand, he always judges you to find errors or tries to change yourself, and then he is trying to turn you into someone else.

Ask him what he thinks about you.

  1. Determine why he spends his spare time with you. In case, your boyfriend needs to go out or spend time connecting with you and nurturing the relationship, this is a sign of true love. If he seems call you when he needs something from you such as money or sex, you are being taken advantage of.
  2. Believe in your instincts. If you feel safe yourself and sure in your relationship, you will be fine. Sometimes, you feel you are being taken advantage of without his care.

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