Making your boyfriend interest in your marriage can be very difficult. However, there are many signs that can help you to maintain and keep your relationship in the long-term commitment.

How do I know he wants to marry me?


If your boyfriend started discussing about marriage, children and long term plans with you, he may be considering marriage.

Starting discussing about marriage and children is also a sign.

Family interaction

A good indication of your boyfriend’s commitment is that he involves you to his family life. Inviting you to holiday gatherings, introduce you to many family members and consult you about the family problems which may be signals showing that he wants to marry you.


Your boyfriend can give you a hint about his lifestyle that he wants to marry you. If he has career stability and has an interest in family activities, he may be thinking about getting married.

Your boyfriend can give you a hint about his lifestyle.

Quality of relationship

If your relationship is stable, you will effectively communicate or share the similar things in the long term goals. Consequently, your relationship may be the substance of marriage.


If you are trying to convince your boyfriend to marry you, making him interested in marriage will not be easy. In case that he raises this issue, it is a good sign that he really wants to marry you.