‘It feels as if your body is on fire’ – Coronavirus patient


“I’m feeling quite tired, as if I’ve just run a marathon,” she said.

“But all the systemic systems, the temperature and headache have disappeared.”

“I started feeling unwell at the beginning of the week, but it didn’t get bad until the middle of the week.

“It’s really been a three or four-day illness with very high temperature, cough, and pain all over.

“The pain is difficult to describe, it really just feels as if your body is on fire.

“I got a terrible dry cough, which really irritates you and hurts you because there’s nothing that you can bring up, because it’s like sawdust.”

“I took to the bed, I knew before I got the result that it was Covid-19 because the window for seasonal flu had passed.

“I was desperate to go to the bed, I just had to go to bed, it was calling me. The only place you can be when you’re sick is in bed.

“I just went to bed for the next three days.

“I didn’t want to eat. My husband, who came up with a scarf around his face to stop being infected from me, brought me some yogurt and honey, which was about all I could bear.

“On the third day I had some chicken soup, which was fabulous, but I didn’t really want to eat because your mouth feels like sawdust.

“It is very similar to the flu, but it seemed to be longer and slightly more severe, which makes sense because none of us have any immunity. So it was on par with the flu but worse.”

I did not suffer any breathing difficulties, which are common in people with an underlying medical condition, or among the elderly.

“I am not in a risk group because I have no underlying health problems, but if you do have underlying health problems, or if you’re elderly then you have to be careful.”

“I also knew that even though my breathing was harder I wasn’t having any lung problems. But people who do get lung problems, especially if they’re getting breathless, they need to seek help.”

“There are two things I would prepare for given the chance: You have to prepare for being ill and you have to prepare for being in isolation.

“For being ill, make sure you have enough pairs of pyjamas or nighties because you’ll sweat. Make sure you have food that you want to eat when you’re unwell.

“For me it was yogurt and honey, but you might want to eat cornflakes, but just make sure you’ve got that.

“And for the two weeks of isolation, make sure you have enough food, and things to do for that two-week period.”

Medication was of very little benefit.

“I took paracetamol, but it didn’t really work. It helped to take the pain away, but it didn’t bring the temperature down. I had a fan in my room.”

This patient it now in recovery but many have died as described below:

A doctor has described the last moments of coronavirus patients, saying they remain lucid until the end and ask to talk to their loved ones by phone as they realise they are dying.

Dr Cortellaro told Italian newspaper Il Giornale:

“You know what’s most dramatic? Seeing patients dying alone, listening to them as they beg you to say goodbye to their children and grandchildren.”

“Patients arrive on their own, and “when they are about to die, they sense it”.

“Your lungs fill with a sticky mucus.”

“They are lucid, they do not go into narcolepsy. It is as if they were drowning, but with time to understand it.

“A dying grandmother had recently asked her to see her granddaughter.”

“I pulled out the phone and called her on video. They said goodbye. Soon after she was gone.

“By now I have a long list of video calls. I call it a farewell list.”

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