Man asks If He’s an Asshole for Making His Wife Pay for The Baby Formula Herself

Ladies brace yourselves for this one and try to contain yourselves 🙈.

A married man has taken to Reddit with a question that made readers see red. He wanted to know if he was the ‘asshole’ in the scenario described. Have a guess what people concluded?

This is his post about his wife:

She has been breastfeeding for 6 months since the baby was born and now wants to switch to formula. She makes plenty of milk and everything she just says she “feels done.”

I think if she wants to stop for basically no reason then the money for formula should come out of her personal spending money because she is the one making that decision.

She says I’m an asshole and it should come from the family grocery budget (which is already tight) even though I don’t have a say.

Yes, you ARE the asshole in this situation. Share if you agree!

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