Mom finds letter from son after he died -she’s decided to share it with the world!


When a young man found out he was dying from cancer, he left behind a letter to his mother, that she’s now decided to share with the world:

“I’m only 24 years old. And I’ve already picked my very last tie. It’s the tie I will wear to my own funeral in a few months.

The cancer diagnosis came too soon for me to have an inch of hope of a long life. It’s difficult for me to express these simple insights but I hope you will listen to someone who knows how valuable time really is.

I’ve realised that the most important thing in death is to leave this place a little better than when you entered it. My existence or rather my expiration won’t mean anything, because I lived my life without making a difference.

When I found out how little time I had left it was obvious what really mattered in life. I want to give meaning to my life by sharing what I now understand:

Don’t waste your time on work you don’t like. It’s obvious you can’t succeed in something you really don’t like. Patience, passion, commitment come easy if you love what you do.

It’s stupid to be afraid of others opinions. Fear weakens and paralyses you. If you let it grow it will eat you up from the inside out til there’s nothing left of you.

Listen to your inner voice, let it guide you. Some people might call you crazy, but others might call you a legend.

Take control of your life and full responsibility for the things that happen to you. Let your life be shared by the decisions you’ve made, not by the ones you haven’t.

Appreciate people around you. Your family and relatives will always be an eternal source of love and strength. That’s why you should never take them for granted.

I’m not upset, because I know that my last days in life have become meaningful.

You can drift though life, created by opportunities, lose day by day, hour after hour or you can fight for what you believe in.

Write the story of your life. Make an impact in this world. Live a meaningful life, however you define it.

The place we leave is a beautiful playground where anything is possible. Our lives are a short spark on our beautiful little planet, flying with incredible speed through the infinite darkness in our unknown universe.

Cherish your time here. Make it interesting. Make it count.”

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