Mom issues warning for parents after son collapses playing on swing set in playground

**Just so parents are aware of what could happen when your child spins way too fast for way too long on a swing with their head leaned back/hanging off.

Rebecca Jordan: Example of the swing her son was using

Our son loves to spin around, hes a bit of a thrill seeker, you know how boys can be.

Yesterday he was playing with a group of other kids outside running around the yard and on the playground equipment. He got on the swing and told the other kids to spin him around (like he does a lot), you know the famous line, “faster, higher, spin me faster”. Except this time, he held his head out the entire time and he let it go too long. Who knew?

As he spun faster and faster with his head back, the centrifugal force/pressure forced blood to rush to the top of his head causing blood to immediate pool/bruise, which looked like his head was spray painted or burned.

Plus the blood vessels in his eyes and eye lids burst from the extreme pressure. They stopped him and as he got off the swing he collapsed (possible passed out for a few minutes). Several kids came inside with him to tell us what happened and he said he had trouble breathing and his “brain hurt”.

We started checking him out and started noticing what all was wrong. We were concerned about possible brain injury so we went to the ER. Keep in mind he never actually hit his head, this was only from the centrifugal force pulling while spinning on the swing. Simillar tramatic brain injuries occur from shaking baby syndrome.

The doctors and nurses were puzzled and thought he spray painted his head because they have not seen this type of presentation of blood bruising before. They were very quick to examine his head, eyes and inner ears and sent him for a C.T.

Praise God it came back normal, no internal injuries or brain swelling. But seriously, we will be very cautious about spinning excessively from now on. So, not trying to cause fear or say stop letting your kids spin and have fun, but just food for thought to be careful of excessive spinning under these circumstances.

You just don’t think about it when they are just having fun and laughing. But, we just have to know when it’s too fast or going on for too long. You know just like everything else, moderation is key! 

So please let your kids have fun and be kids, but be safe and know there are even limitations to playing in order to keep them safe.

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