Mom-of-two ‘secretly’ births child during party and throws him in the dumpster so she can keep drinking

Heavily pregnant 31-year-old Yulia was in the middle of doing what all good mothers do when they’re due – partying like she was 18, without a care in the world – when she began to feel contractions.

Instead of telling her friends that she was about to birth an actual child, or, let’s see, perhaps seeking medical help to ensure the baby had a safe delivery into the world, Yulia crept away on her own. As per reports, she quietly slipped away to the bathroom to give birth to her third child.

Unspeakable actions

But wait, it gets worse. Despite successfully performing the miracle that is birth, Yulia didn’t then head to the hospital, nor even leave the party. Instead, she threw her newborn baby in a nearby dumpster and returned to party some more.

No, we’re not joking. Her crime was discovered when another woman walked by the dumpster and heard the tell-tale sounds of a newborn crying. The authorities were called, and the baby was saved before it would have died from exposure. It was already suffering from hypothermia when it was taken to the hospital, and has been in intensive care as doctors work to keep it alive.

Credit: Pixabay (stock photo)

Police were able to tie the crime to Yulia after investigating the nearby apartment units. They discovered blood and other evidence proving it was her who had delivered the child, and immediately took action against her.

It’s said that her other two children, aged three and four, will be taken to an orphanage for their own safety, whilst Yulia herself was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a newborn baby. The 31-year-old could be behind bars for at least five years if found guilty.

A spokeswoman explained: “The mother said that she did not want this baby. She did not even check if it was a boy or a girl before throwing it away. During the arrest, she was heavily intoxicated with alcohol.”


Of course, an act like this is nothing short of despicable, but one must consider the amount of personal pain Yulia must be in to be capable of doing what she did. Completely neglecting any form of maternal instinct in favor of a party is absurd, put perhaps points to deeper underlying issues that need to be addressed before people simply throw her under the bus.

All babies deserve a chance in life, and it was only by pure luck that the one in this story was heard before it was too late.

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