Motherhood is the ‘Greatest’ Call to Servanthood!


MOTHERHOOD. I woke up this morning with Luke 1 on my heart. Mary had just been encountered by the angel Gabriel & told that LIFE was going to be knit in her womb. At the news of this GIFT, her response was profound and simple…”I am the Lord’s servant…May your word to me be fulfilled.”

This young, underprepared, unqualified, faithful woman was chosen to be a mother (of the Son of God, no less) & her response was one of illogical generosity & self-sacrifice.

Motherhood reprioritizes your life—

Your body becomes a living and stretch-marked and suckled sacrifice.

Your time becomes a priceless entity you give away without charge.

Your sleep becomes an interrupted & reprioritized commodity.

Your prayers multiply one hundred fold and often center around the hearts you’ve been given to steward.

Your mental focus becomes mashed potatoes (with a heaping spoon of cute faces constantly at the center).

Your heart no longer beats inside your own chest—but instead runs and falls and screams and laughs and rebels and repents and learns and grows before your eyes.

Your wants and needs take to the passenger seat, and your money and resources find their way flowing down far different paths—supporting and fostering the babes in your wake.

Everything changes…yet the heart of a mother never has. It is all done gladly…freely…with little to no hesitation.

Even when it’s hard and hurts and undoes what you once thought was the best of you in order to rebuild you into a new creation. “I am the Lord’s servant…” is the rally cry that echoes from a mother’s bones and drips like sweat off her brow when she’s hauling groceries and wiping tears and carrying life in her womb and elbows deep in dishes and homework help and the one million thankless, unseen acts of worship that the world will never praise.

“I am the Lord’s servant. May His word be fulfilled…” through our lives, through their growing lives, and through every beautiful day.

Happy Mother’s Day. (And mommy, I will always be your little baby. I love you more and more as this gift of motherhood unfolds in new and different ways. ❤️)

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