Nursery worker kicks disabled child in head just because she soiled her nappy


THIS is the horrifying moment a nursery worker kicks a disabled child in the head because she pooed in her nappy.

The careless woman also hits the defenceless child, who is laying on the floor, with a bulky backpack.

In the distressing footage the woman is standing over child and shouting: “You are stupid!

“Come here and let me clean you up.”

She only looks up at the woman who has been trusted to care for her.

Two thumps can be heard among the nursery worker’s yelling as she kicks and smacks the child.

In the mobile phone footage the woman then tells a colleague: “I have been telling her to stop moving and to sit still.

The video cuts to another scene where the same carer hits the child again while she is changing the child’s nappy.

This time she smacks the child in the back of the head with her hand.

The despicable act happened in Jukskei Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The nursery is owned by a local doctor and there are three disabled children receiving daily care, according to local media.

Furthermore, local media reports the nursery worker in the video has been sacked from her job.

Local authorities confirmed the matter is being investigated to ensure the safety of other young children.

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