Our mothers are our superheroes. They carry us for nine whole months and then go through hours of excruciating pain to bring us into the world. And the awesomeness of mothers doesn’t stop there because they then spend the rest of their lives loving and supporting us. 

Let’s make this pic go viral. It emphasizes just how amazing nature can be when it comes to childbirth. Both pregnancy and childbirth are something that is unique unto women, and it’s amazing to learn about the female body and how it undergoes certain changes in order to accommodate the birth of a child. That’s why our moms are so awesome, and we should all be grateful to them.

Steffanie Christi’an shared a picture to her Facebook, which shows a wooden dilation chart used by SCV Birth Center, which depicts the progression of cervical dilation at every centimeter throughout the labor process. Steffanie’s caption reads

“This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things”

Naturally, nothing will ever fully prepare a new mother for everything that makes up the childbirth experience, but it’s still pretty awesome to see a visual of what’s to come – a little ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ type of deal.

So shout out to all moms out there – you guys deserve it all.