Schoolgirl Dies After Charging Phone Exploded On Her Pillow

A teenage schoolgirl has passed away after her charging smartphone exploded on her pillow while she slept. 

Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek, 14, went to bed listening to music as many teenagers do at her home in Bastobe, Kazakhstan. 

The next morning she was found dead with the phone’s battery having exploded close to her head. 

The phone exploded under her pillow. Credit: East2West News

Her device had been plugged in to a power socket, said police. She is believed to have suffered severe head injuries and died on the spot. 

Forensic experts later confirmed that the mobile exploded in the early morning after overheating as it charged and this was the cause of death, said local reports.

Her death was described as a ‘tragic accident’ while the brand of smartphone was not disclosed. 

Alua’s distraught best friend posted: “I still cannot believe it. You were the best. We have been together since childhood. It is so hard for me without you. I miss you so much. You have left me forever.”

The death was described as a 'tragic accident'. Credit: East2West News
The death was described as a ‘tragic accident’. Credit: East2West News 

This isn’t the first report of a phone blowing up and causing injuries to the owner. Earlier this year a man in India was filmed on CCTV as his phone blew up in his pocket. 

The footage shows him working in a hardware factory with two other men, when suddenly an explosion can be seen occurring in his trouser pocket. He jumps up from his seat and frantically tries to get the phone away from him while smoke is pouring out.

The three men then try to leave the workshop, in Mumbai, India, as quickly as possible, presumably worried the phone will do more damage. The man suffered burns to his leg which could have been much worse.

In another incident, a woman living in eastern China watched in horror as her Apple iPhone 6 burst into flames on the dashboard of her car. 

After screaming, the woman is forced to carry on driving as she’s in the middle of traffic, and because the phone seems to have stopped burning.

But about 20 seconds later the phone ignites again, but this time the flames keep on burning. The petrified woman gets out and begins screaming for help from nearby motorists and passers-by.

It turned out she had had her battery replaced at the Ho Ho Fast phone repair shop a couple of months before. According to MailOnline, the Ho Ho Fast repair shop (aka ‘Ji Hou Hou’) is listed by as being authorised to repair iPhones in Shanghai.

A Ji Hou Hou spokesperson told the newspaper that the matter was being dealt with Shanghai Consumers Association, adding that the company was in contact with the owners of the exploding phone. 

This article first appeared on Ladbible.

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