‘If you did anything less than cheer for Shakira and JLo last night, you’ve yet to learn we are stronger when we stick together’

“Shakira is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

She is part of countless foundations to fight malnutrition in Colombian children.

She spearheaded an organization at 18 years old to increase quality of life for those children and their families.

Jennifer Lopez has worked with Amnesty International to fight human trafficking.

She has worked with countless foundations that fight for the rights of mothers and children.

With her sister, she created a foundation that increases the availability of health care and health education to the less fortunate.

ON TOP of being majorly talented women, incredible performers, and creative minds.

If you are a woman and you done anything less than cheer with all your might for these two ladies last night,

I’m sorry you have yet to learn that we are stronger when we stick together.

Wanna’ climb that pole, Jen?
Knock your socks off.

Wanna’ shake those hips, Shakira?
Go for it.

I gave up judging women long ago.


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