This post is probably going to start issues and make people mad but I could honestly care less…


This post is probably going to start issues and make people mad but I could honestly care less.

This time last week I was laying in a hospital bed being asked questions no parent should ever have to answer.

“Do you want to see your baby when he is born?” Uhm? What in the hell kind of question is that.. the fact this question even has to be asked is sad…

“What funeral home do you want to use?”

“Do you want an autopsy completed?”

“Do you want to bathe your baby, or do you want the nurses to?”

Those are just a few of the many many questions I was asked. A week ago tomorrow I held my baby Ollie who was delivered at 22 weeks. He was perfect in every way. Ten little fingers, and ten little toes, beautiful little ears, and his little button nose. He had every single feature a baby should have. He even had finger and toe nails.

I am ANGRY, but not at God because I trust in His plan.

I am ANGRY at every single person who shouts about the rights of this group or that group but is silent about the rights of these precious little lives who are killed every single day because someone chose to be irresponsible.

I am ANGRY that so many women think this is totally okay. These babies need someone to be their voice and while I’ve always been silent about abortion until now I will no longer do so.

Do you know that in my research on baby’s at 22 weeks.. I found a dozen babies born at 21 weeks who were incubated and actually survived and are doing well today. At 22 weeks there were even more..

One of the very first thoughts after my baby was born was how could anyone ever think to abort a baby at his gestation.. sad that is even a thought in today’s world.

Did you know there’s an abortion clinic being opened in central Georgia? The first one to open in this area. It’s in Macon on Walnut Street. Do you know this clinic will allow abortions up until 24 weeks? How the hell is this even allowed? And what kind of woman(I would like to use a different term) would even do such a thing? People do realize how babies are conceived right? Keep your legs closed if you don’t want a baby. It’s completely preventable.

My baby kicked and responded to everything we said to him. His daddy would talk to my belly every single morning and every single night and he would kick in response. He responded to water hot or cold, shower, bath, or pool he hated it! He would move as far as he could up my belly to get out of it. He didn’t like me sleeping on certain sides and he would let me know. Just because they aren’t born yet, doesn’t mean they can’t feel anything. I’m almost certain his last violent crazy kicks was him trying to free himself from an umbilical cord that had become wrapped three times around his little neck. My baby would still be here if it wasn’t for a freak umbilical cord accident..

I will no longer be silent on abortion. So while you’re going back and forth arguing on all these other groups maybe just maybe you should think about the innocent babies who didn’t ask to be conceived and then murdered by their irresponsible mothers.

Now I’m off to drop my middle child off (who may I add is still gripping her brothers blanket and took it to school this morning), mail my babies ashes to Artful Ashes so that we have our baby with us ALWAYS, drop his blanket off to be framed and pick up things from the funeral home. Not to mention my first post delivery doctors appt. you know the one most people take their newborn to..

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