To all the mums, the over worked and under appreciated mums, the mums to many and mums to one, the mums whose babies never attached or who’s delicate little hearts beat no more..

To all the mums, 

The over worked and under appreciated mums, the mums to many and mums to one, the mums whose babies never attached or who’s delicate little hearts beat no more, the mums who’s babies suckled on their cracked nipples oblivious to the silent screams of pain, the mums who woke up all night and went to the kitchen to boil up the perfect temperature formula, the mums who’s children were conceived in someone else’s belly but have come to grow in their own heart, the mums who have had to learn to share their babies with another mum, the mums who’s children have special needs that take up most of their lives, the mums who tore their vagina and arse into one big hole getting that baby out with unworldly strength, the mums who put their babies safety before their own desires to birth naturally and lay still while doctors sliced them in half and new life breathed into the world. 

The mums on their own today.

The mums who live in fear and wish they could be alone today. 

The Mums who have said “don’t worry about me, I’m fine” for far too long. 

And fabulous mums who drink cocktails by a pool while their kids swim with Bjorn the sexy swimming coach all day. 

Today is your day. Happy Mother’s Day. 

Yesterday one of my best friends had sneakily taken my daughter shopping for a present for me, chocolates, wine and PJs. I cried happy tears this morning.

Two day’s ago a mother I hardly know dropped home made lasagna and brownies at my door because she heard I wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t believe the kindness.

I love Mother’s Day because I love women, even those without babies exhibit the most motherly gestures to each other. 

I’m so grateful and I’m feeling 100% myself again. 

Anyone who’s having a hard time I cannot recommend these three things enough,

-Medical help, doctors can help, much more then you think.

-Reach out, let everyone know you are struggling and need support. Be a fucking drama Queen about it. You might not want company but people can help you even while you wallow in self pity. “I need help bitches, but don’t talk to me. Don’t even look at me. Just be here please, even when I tell you not to.”

-baby steps. Take the pressure off yourself. Clean out one draw and walk to the shop, answer 2 emails. Just a little bit more each day. We are filling out days up way too much. We all need a break and in order to get that we have to be kind to ourselves. 

Yesterday I made and Tepee and I did 3 slut drops for my amused husband.. now that’s an ambitious day. 


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