Dads..You are your Daughters First Love this Valentines Day…Make It Count

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A Twitter user has shared a story that went viral about being a child so worried she wouldn’t get a  gift Valentine’s day at school. She begged her dad to let her stay home on the big day, but he made her go to school. And then she got a big surprise.

 In the 10th grade, I begged my dad for weeks to let me stay home from school on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t want to see everyone have presents and I not get shit.

He forced me to go to school. I was So sad literally up until 3rd period. I was sitting when the door knocked.

There was a delivery guy with one of those giant teddy bears, a huge bouquet of flowers, and a huge box of chocolates. I was jealous af! I’m like damn somebody nigga going all out. I’m looking like..


My teacher was like “OOO Lovely! Who are these gifts for?!” And everyone in the class was like..


The delivery guy said “Miss Sunshine”. I instantly knew they were for me, and I instantly knew who gave them to me. My father calls me Sunshine.


So I got up, and read the card and it said “Happy Valentines Day, love Dad. P.S. Tell everyone it was from an Admirer.” Im reading it like.


Ever since then, my dad has been my valentine. He gets me something every year I’m alone. Which is every year LOL.

Moral of the story is,

Fathers, you are your daughter first love. Be there. It’s so important.

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