The 28-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model looked stunning as she posed on a yacht in a pink triangle bikini.

Joy Corrigan stunned onlookers with her incredible physique…

The supermodel stretched out and stared off into the distance, displaying her toned abs.

Her blond hair was done up in beachy waves, and she went without makeup.

She wore a gorgeous gold and green necklace as well as several pairs of gold earrings to complement her ensemble.

While she pouted seductively for the camera, she struck a pose.

The stunning woman was endorsing a line of skin care products for D’Alba, claiming that the products were responsible for her “glowing” complexion.

The stunning beauty, who is 28 and well-known for her bikini photos, recently celebrated her special day at a resort in Mexico.

Together with her sister Gina, Joy founded the clothing company Naked Species in 2019.

The designers of Naked Species set out to create a clothing line that would allow them to combine their interests in order to do some good in the world.

To fulfill their promise to aid in the preservation of endangered species, the sisters give a portion of the brand’s profits to the non-profit Wild Tomorrow Fund.

In August of last year, Joy monopolized social media to promote the brand’s latest bikini collection.

The fashion model posted several photos of herself posing in a revealing pink bikini.

‘I’m so excited to announce my new @nakedspecies collection in launching Aug 1st!!,’ she penned the post.

At the age of 14, Joy was scouted in a mall in Raleigh, North Carolina, and since then she has worked as a model for Guess, Victoria’s Secret, and Jimmy Choo.

Joy talked about how she doesn’t mind exposing her body in front of the camera in a January 2021 interview with Maxim.

‘I love to be sexy and I love to show skin ’cause I work out really hard to get the body that I have. I’ve always been very free-spirited about it,’ she explained.

‘I try to keep every shot I do very classy and a visual showcase of the beauty of what a woman can look like. That’s my goal.’

Joy is dating Ted Dhanik, a 46-year-old tech executive, and the couple has been seen on several vacations together, basking in the sun in exotic locations.

In 2017, he dated American Pie’s sex icon Tara Reid before meeting and falling in love with America’s Got Talent‘s contortionist Marina Mazepa.