‘You’ Season Two Is So Good People Are Binge-Watching It All In One Go

*** Spoiler alert for season two of You***

You season 2 dropped on Netflix yesterday, and it wasn’t long before millions of people around the world had slipped off from their family Boxing Day celebrations to spend the whole day bingeing it on the sly. 

The 10-episode series follows on from the nail-biting first season, and once again centres around murderous and manipulative Joe Goldberg (Penn Dayton Badgley), who, despite moving to LA to start his life over, quickly falls back into his old ways.

And people sure were excited to jump back into the drama, with many even watching the whole thing in one go because it was so addictive. A truly impressive feat, even for the biggest of Joe stans. 

“About to binge You season 2 so don’t talk to me for 10 hours,” one person warned their pals on Twitter as it landed on the streaming platform. 

While another boasted afterwards: “Binge-watched all of season 2 of You in one sitting. No regrets”.

People couldn't switch off the addictive Netflix show (Credit: Netflix)
People couldn’t switch off the addictive Netflix show (Credit: Netflix)

A third joked: “In other news I successfully watched season 2 of You in one day. Im clearly a woman of many talents.” That you are, hun. 

Given the absolutely gripping plot of the brand new series, it’s no surprise people just can’t switch off. 

While many were watching the whole thing through their fingers, it was the unbelievable twist at the end which really got people talking.

If you haven’t seen You season 2 yet then read on at your peril. There are some pretty *major* spoilers ahead. 

'You' Season 2 saw Love take Joe's side (Credit: Netflix)
‘You’ Season 2 saw Love take Joe’s side (Credit: Netflix)

You’ll remember the last series saw Joe’s ex Candace (Ambyr Childers) dramatically emerge, after it was previously thought that he’d killed her.

And in this season she’s back with a vengeance, and very determined to bring Joe down and protect his current girlfriend Love (Victoria Pedretti) from harm.

However, while much of the series follows her on her mission for justice, episode nine of the new season saw a twist so huge it left people gobsmacked.

When Candace is finally able to prove Joe’s villainous and controlling ways to Love, his new girlfriend ends up taking his side and murdering her in a bid to protect him.

But just as we thought we had an evil new power couple in our midst, the show’s finale shows him start obsessing over his new neighbour.

Jheez, Joe really never rests, does he.

Joe's ex Candace is murdered by Love (Credit: Netflix)
Joe’s ex Candace is murdered by Love (Credit: Netflix)

Taking to social media to express their outrage and downright shock at Joe moving on so quickly after an oddly picture perfect ending for the villains, viewers flocked to make their feelings very clear.

After watching the twist to end all twists, one viewer posted an angry faced emoji, and wrote: “So uh yeah the ending of You season 2….. Like what even”.

While another added: “Ok @YouNetflix season 2 was way better than the first season but WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT ENDING?”

A third agreed: “I just finished watching season 2 of you and I hate the ending,” as a fourth fumed: “The ending of “you” season 2… just pissed me off so bad lmao. I’m done.”

Speaking to Glamour US about her character’s death, Ambyr Childers said that she understood why Love made the decision she did and sided with Joe.

“She did it for love,” the Candace actress reasoned. “I think people do crazy things for love. I love watching all those crime shows: Women Who Kill or 25 to Life or Locked Up. All those shows.

“You really get to see behind the psychology of these people who snap or make premeditated decisions to take someone’s life or whatever it is. Love makes people do wacky things.” 

One thing is for sure, if that ending is anything to go by, Joe might want to avoid riling Love up any further.

With two killers in our midst, we’re already excited for what season 3 could possibly hold…

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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