My Son was Intoxicated..he had No way of Consenting

“Hi.. excuse me, we need to talk. Your daughter raped my son last weekend. He was intoxicated at a party and had no way of consenting. He’s humiliated and traumatised.”

“Really? That isn’t the story I heard… My daughters she’s a great girl, top student, she wouldn’t hurt a fly”

“Well she hurt my son”

“What was your son wearing? I hear he likes to flaunt his biceps around town”

“What does that have anything to do with it?”

“Well you know.. I’m not condoning rape at all but your son does have a reputation for sleeping around… he’s hardly going to be traumatised by one little incident..”

“He is. He did not consent to it”

“But you know… when alcohols involved sometimes girls lose control of their urges. Plus if he really was raped he should have gone to the police straight away. Who waits a week? Maybe he’s just realised that it’s not leading to anything and now he’s ashamed?”

“Your daughter and her friends need to learn to control their urges. I’m going to the police”

“Ok ok calm down. I have a lot of money and I’m sure we can settle this, plus it’s not like the police will believe you, we all know your sons wanted my daughters attention for years… he’s just a little embarrassed at the rejection.”

“Rape is rape. I won’t let you threaten my sons reputation”

“But I’m saying it wasn’t rape, he was following my daughter around that night and he flashed his biceps all night knowing full well what that would do to my daughters urges”

“I’m going to the police”

“Fine. But do you really want the world to know about your sons history of sleeping around? Of drinking too much and flashing his body whenever he can? Do you want the world to know what his penis looks like and the conversations my daughter and her friends had about his “performance?”

“He doesn’t care, he’s standing up for what’s right. Your daughter sent messages to her whole group of friends already, sending humiliating photos”

“Your son was very clearly awake in one of the photo’s, just because he regrets it now doesn’t make it rape. You don’t want to ruin a good young woman’s reputation over this, she has a promising career in sport ahead of her”

“There are photos on the internet of your daughter digitally penetrating my son. Humiliating isn’t a strong enough word for what he’s going through”

“He was leading her on all night and then willingly got drunk at a party where he knew she would be at and also quite intoxicated.. you need to teach him to look after himself with more self respect then that.”

“How about you just teach your daughter to stop raping men”

“Of course I do. But you know how it goes. Girls will be girls.”

Sound ridiculous? 

by Constance Hall Facebook

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