Mosquitoes are said to be human’s deadliest enemy. They are small and almost insignificant. But, the female mosquito feeds off human blood in order to reproduce. The amount of blood they take is negligible. However, the biggest concern is that they inject saliva when biting you.

Their saliva has anaesthetic properties, meaning you don’t feel the bite. But, saliva is also an effective way of passing germs. As mosquitoes are capable of carrying a myriad of diseases, being bitten by one has the potential to be fatal. 

It’s important to repel their attacks. However, most people are not keen on using chemical repellents as they can be harmful to the planet and your health. That’s why you need natural repellents that work.

Of course, before you start repelling mosquitoes, it’s a good idea to check out the pest control near me and have them look around your home. There are several things you can do, such as eliminating standing water, which will make your home less attractive to them.

1.Repellent Bracelets

You’ll find these in most stores. You simply remove the bracelet from the pack and slide it onto your wrist. It emits an odour that mosquitoes don’t like. The good news is that you can’t smell the odour. It should be noted that some of the bracelets actually emit a pleasant smell that you will notice.

 The bracelets make you invisible to mosquitoes and, surprisingly, they actually work. Simply put it on and it starts working, each bracelet lasts 15 days. 

2.Repellent Patches

Take a look in your local store and you’ll find repellent patches. These are DEET free and you can stick them on almost anything, from windows to tables, or even your shirt. 

They are harmless to humans but these patches work in a similar way to the bracelet. Mosquitoes will not land on the stickers or in the immediate vicinity. Therefore, providing you keep close to the sticker you will avoid getting bitten. 

3.Essential Oil

This is perhaps the most common approach as many people talk about the power of essential oils to keep a variety of pests away. You can use essential oils, such as citronella or lemon individually. 

However, this approach seems to be more effective when you combine the oils. Try mixing equal amounts of citronella, rosemary, and lemon with some distilled water and witch hazel. 

Again, this smell keeps the mosquitoes away although most people will find it pleasant. You can spray yourself with the oil and then sit outside and be undisturbed by mosquitoes. 

4.Using Plants

A very natural way to keep mosquitoes away is to create a shielded area in your garden. The best way to do this is by adding a mosquito net above the seating area. That means the mosquitoes will need to enter from the sides. Add several plants to the sides of your seating area. You should focus on citronella and citrus plants, like lemongrass. Mosquitoes don’t like these smells and will stay away, allowing you to enjoy your outside space.