The “box of toys” and “losing her virginity on a booze cruise” are two of Amanda Holden’s most racially charged sex revelations.

We took a look back at the s*xiest quotes Amanda has ever said

Amanda Holden's most racially insensitive s*x stories, including her "box of toys" and booze cruise romp

Mum-of-two Amanda rose to fame after making her TV judging debut on Britain’s Got Talent in 2006.

She has appeared in a wide variety of shows over the years, such as EastEnders in 1994 (in which she portrayed Carmen) and Kiss Me Kate, Smack the Pony, Cutting It, and Wild at Heart.

Amanda, the Heart FM radio host, has been known to make racy s*xual revelations and even to bait her listeners with them.

In the following, Amanda spills the beans on all her naughtiest s*xual secrets.

Losing her virginity on a booze cruise

The racy TV anchor confessed that she had her first s*xual experience on a booze cruise to Calais, despite the fact that she had no desire to do so.

She never did anything like that again after her steamy confession on Shopping With Keith Lemon.

“I remember after going to the Crown Inn in Bishop’s Waltham and telling all my friends because I was the last of my group of girlfriends [to do it] and then I never did it again.

“I kind of wanted to get it out of the way and then I never did it again.”

“s*x on the brain” radio slip-up

In January of this year, Amanda made a steamy s*xual confession at a Heart Breakfast.

Twice during the live radio show, the BGT star said that “s*x on the brain” is always on her mind.

“There’s this amazing article in one of the newspapers today which is calling it a lockdown challenge,” she said in reference to the difficulty of coming up with activities to engage in during a lockdown.

A hilarious gaffe followed, as the presenter said “the next s*x weeks” when she meant “the next six weeks.”

She burst out laughing and continued, “so it’s thinking about what you can do to challenge yourself over the next s*x.”

Amanda added for emphasis, “s*x? Having s*x every week for a while is probably not on the list.”

captioned “Blimey I’ve clearly got it on the brain.. #lockdownlife @thisisheart.” Holden posted the video to Instagram so that her fans could watch it.

“Magic” box of s*x toys

Amanda made yet another steamy s*x confession while hosting the ITV show Lorraine.

While discussing the contents of her “magic box,” Amanda gave the audience another glimpse into her s*xual life.

In a conversation about Ann Summers in the 1980s, the sk*nk confided in party guest Penelope Wilton.

Amanda and her husband Chris have admitted to hiding a s*x box in their palatial home.

Her comments were meant to be humorous in light of the seriousness of the situation “I think I can say that we all know what we’re talking about. It’s early morning and there are children at home but everyone’s got a magic box in their house, somewhere. Full of everything.”

Steamy sofa romps

Amanda and Chris Hughes have been married since the winter of 2008.

The actress has previously stated that one of her favorite ways to keep the sparks flying in her relationship is by romping in the living room with her partner.

“Our thing is that we watch a lot of box sets together so that can kill the passion,” Amanda told the Daily Star on Sunday. “but during the introduction, you can get a few things done in that time.”

Amanda claimed that she “really fancies” her partner even after all this time, adding that she frequently asks herself “phwoar who’s that” when the two of them are passionately making out while watching a movie or TV show.

Her “gay s*x” confession

(Source: Instagram)

The media took note of Amanda’s fiery statement she made at the 2017 Attitude Awards in London.

In recognition of her advocacy for Gay performances on Britain’s Got Talent, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Manila Luzon presented her with a trophy at the swanky party.

Amanda came out as gay, saying that she and Chris engage in “honorary gay s*x,” shocking the audience.

Onstage, she joked that she and her husband, Chris Hughes, have been having “gay s*x” for years.

I can’t wait to have honorary gay s*x now that I’m an honorary gay. Honorary homos*xuality, however, is not the same as actual homos*xuality.

“So honorary gay s*x means not actually having s*x. In which case, I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years and I’ve got two kids, so I’ve been having honorary gay s*x for years!”

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