The 52-year-old star of Britain’s Got Talent appeared in a stylish brilliant blue suit to promote her current project with the brand.

Amanda Holden looks stunning in new photos for retailer JD Williams

Amanda’s stunning figure was showcased by the plunging waistcoat of the three-piece suit.

The photos showcase the diva in all of her season-appropriate glory.

Amanda removed the jacket to show off her toned body in the waistcoat and pants that matched.

Earlier this week, the 52-year-old shared a day in her life with her followers, from leaving work in the morning to joining her fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges.

Amanda started the day in a striped suit as she went to work at Heart Radio, but it wasn’t quite what she had in mind for her evening attire, according to the Instagram video.

Amanda then recorded herself stripping naked and checking her towel in front of the camera as she stepped into the shower.

The clip immediately cut to Amanda exiting the shower and being handed a cup of coffee as it cut to her getting ready.

Amanda was then photographed with her robe slightly open while getting her makeup done, which included some coverage on her chest.

As her makeup artist prepared her for the very glamorous ensemble, the beauty looked straight ahead.

Her hair sat in bouncy waves by her face as she accessorized and looked dressed to the nines despite the fact that she was still in her dressing gown.

She quickly opened another door to show off her amazing look for the launch, and she certainly wowed her followers.

Amanda then completed the look by wearing a blazer that she had buttoned up as a dress.

She was then filmed meeting her fellow Britain’s Got Talent judges as she kicked off the show’s first day.