After posting a video on social media expressing how she was beginning to regret not wearing a bra, a woman with huge breasts was lauded as “perfect” by her followers.

A passenger with “big-boobs” rearranges her breasts on the train to correct a “no bra sort of evening” situation

Kitty, a popular social media influencer, has been called “perfect” by her followers after a video she posted showed her repositioning her chest and expressing regret for not wearing a bra went viral.

Kitty, who uses the handle @kittyorkatherine on Twitter, took to the platform to apologize for her “poor decisions” while attempting to reposition her breasts beneath her top.

The maker of the video posted it to her channel and said she was having a “big boobs, no bra kind of evening” while filming herself in a black ribbed turtleneck while waiting on a train.

She appeared to be getting ready to go out for the evening, with her hair slicked back and dangling earrings on display.

However, when she repositioned her cleavage under her top, she clearly began to regret not wearing a bra.

More than 34,000 people have watched the video, in which she jokes, “If you know, you know,” before confessing that she was “shaking [her] head, kissing [her] teeth” because she hated the way her breasts looked without the top on.

She sent her audience a snarky “Happy weekend” before signing off.

Kitty joked, “So many poor choices,” in the video’s caption.

@kittyorkatherine The original sound of #fyp #wommmmman is -.
Fans, however, had nothing but admiration for her after she abandoned the restrictive undergarments, calling her “perfection” in the comments section.

In the words of one user, “Perfection.”

Someone else remarked, “Absolutely beautiful.”

Someone else chimed in, “You’re a sort.”

gorgeous, simply gorgeous, said a fourth.

A woman who claims to despise wearing bras so much that she no longer bothers to do so, even when going to work, has recently made headlines.

Shareefa Gyami, a well-known figure in the world of fashion, dislikes wearing bras and questions the necessity of doing so, claiming that her “classy” ensembles do not require them.

Shareefa proudly proclaims to the world that she is not wearing a bra in a now-viral video.