Born With No moment brave little girl lights up world with her voice


We adopted Evie when she was 4.5 years old. At that time she was failing to thrive for unknown reasons.

She was more malnourished then I am comfortable sharing with the public.  At that point in time Evie could not eat or drink without assistance.

But, here is the magic and miracle, one day she sang to me and her sister. And our eyes got really big when we heard her obvious talent. It was then that we knew she had the fight in her to make it out of this.   

We have no idea what Evie’s life holds for her future. She has no medical history from before we adopted her. Right now, we are simply trying to piece together the puzzle of her health.  Evie is undergoing genetic testing at this time. 

Evie was born without any eyes, a condition called anophthalmia. She sees no light or shadows. We believe she is beautiful just the way she is and that God designed her perfectly. 

As she says every morning before school,

“I am blind.

I am smart!

I am beautiful!” 

Besides…. I’d say she has enough light of her own anyways. Shine on, Evie.   

Evie was undergoing a medical procedure when this amazing video below was captured.

She started having a panic attack when a music therapist helped calm her down with the power of singing.

Our sweet Evie has encouraged the entire world with her brave singing. Honestly, y’all. We had NO CLUE how big this would become. But we should have known. Evie is such a bright light wherever she goes. She is that girl that leaves a little magic wherever she roams. Let’s share her magic today! 

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