Chloe Ferry recently posed for photos next to supercars, highlighting the results of her plastic surgery.

Chloe Ferry poses among supercars in a black leather catsuit that highlights her curves

The 27-year-old star of Geordie Shore, who was wearing a black leather catsuit and high heels, looked stunning.

She stood alongside a Porsche and even debuted a new vehicle in collaboration with German Doner Kebab.

Chloe’s bare lips complemented a bronzed cosmetics palette that brought out the best in her features.

This news follows the recent revelation that Sam Gowland will return to Geordie Shore, four years after his dismissal from the program following a series of dramatic fights with ex-girlfriend Chloe.

The TV star was fired from Geordie Shore in 2019 and has since starred on Love Island due to arguments with other cast members.

But he’ll be back for the next season of Geordie Shore, and he and his ex could spark some drama.

After talking it over with Chloe, the reality star decided not to return to Geordie Shore for its seventeenth season in 2019.

But when Sam and Chloe, who he’d met on the program in 2017, got back together for a while, he had to return to filming.

Sam, however, was banned from the 2019 season of Geordie Shore when reports surfaced that he and Chloe got into a violent altercation inside the house.

It was reported that the actor got into the fight because another actor mentioned that his ex-girlfriend Chloe had kissed another man on a night out in Portugal while she and Sam were taking a break from their relationship.

Sam apparently went ‘far too far’ in a heated confrontation when Chloe’s kiss with the unknown man came up again.

Claims that Chloe had left Geordie Shore once more emerged after Sam was punished for his role in a fight on the show.

According to The Sun’s sources, after the argument, Chloe followed Sam as he left for a second time.

After an argument with Chloe, with whom he had an on-again, off-again relationship, Sam had quit the show weeks ago.

After her breakup with Sam, she left the show but later returned.