In recent photos, model Emily Ratajkowski can be seen strutting her stuff in a little crop top and hotpants while out on a bike ride, and she looks absolutely stunning.

Emily Ratajkowski rides a motorcycle while wearing revealing hot trousers that highlight every curve on her body

The model stunned followers by posting a photo of herself hanging from the back of a moped, in which her curves were prominently shown.

Emily, who wore a white helmet with a visor in the clip, peered over the shoulder of the motorcyclist.

Em Rata flaunted her curves in a tight, body-hugging crop top that featured the flag of Brazil on the back.

She completed the outfit with white sneakers and a matching pair of hot trousers that barely covered her modesty.

Her beautiful, brown hair flowed in the breeze as she and her companion rode by a beach setting and palm trees.

She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked at the camera.

While waiting at a traffic light, Ratajkowski snapped a photo of herself from behind, with her hands on the bike’s back for support.

For the second film, the model looked behind her and smiled cheekily as the cameraman captured an intimate shot of her derriere.

She uploaded a third video of them riding off into the sunset and another selfie she took from the bike’s backrest.

Then, while straddling the bike, Emily looked up into the camera and pouted her lips for an aerial selfie.

As they sped past the Rio de Janeiro strip, the final image showed her from behind once more.

Emily has tagged her bikini company Inamorata Woman and their joint partner Mirror Palais with the number “5.26” in the caption.

Swarms of admirers flocked in the comments to shower the model with praise.

She was referred to as “beautiful” by one, “mother” in jest, and “queen” by still another.

One user commented, “Never been more envious of a dude driving a moped…what is life,” before signing off with a laughing emoji.